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String Art. A spot of red wine, anyone?
Air on the Tree String--string art
EcoTwain--King of the Mississippi
eco twain--front view
eco twain-paddleboard (rear) view
Cap'n Al's submarine music box--The "Naughty-lus"
crafting--daVinci's il volo instrumentale (the flying machine) from 1485 AD. Leonardo said it best: "The great bird will take flight above the ridge...filling the universe with awe, filling all writings with its fame."
Ancient Chinese Sailboat kit--The Chun King
Elvis' Cadillac-balsa puzzle
McCaw the Macaw--metal laser puzzle
USS Wisconsin 1/700 and 1/350 with flute present to accentuate size
USS Wisconsin close-up view A
USS Wisconsin close-up view B
Diorama Project Complete
The Titanic
The Titanic full view
Hook's Pirate Ship and Voice of the Whale crystal puzzles
Le Poulet de la Mer
Mayan Calendar--date set to July 13th, 2019
Manhattan Island, 1 World Trade Center, Empire State Bldg. 3D puzzles
Nano Statue of Liberty 3D puzzle
Back porch solar and battery powered wind turbine project
Erhu--Chinese two-string fiddle 3D laser puzzle
Praying Mantis 3D Laser Puzzle
3d laser puzzle of an RCA Victor Phonograph "His Master's Voice"
Piper Cub kit with working propellers
Baroque European Church 3D Laser Puzzle
Laser puzzle--Neuschwanstein Castle
Blackbeard's ship--Queen Anne's Revenge
Building #101, Taipei. One of the world's tallest
3D vertical timekeeping grandfather clock jigsaw puzzle
Metal Sculpture--Empire State Bldg.
Model-T Laser crafting puzzle
Crafting 3D puzzle--Sydney Opera House
Metal crafting: Seattle Space Needle, Taj Mahal, Farm Tractor, Apollo Lunar Module
Mars Rover Space Vehicle
Crafting--Metal laser sculpture puzzle; merry-go-round
crafting--"carp" diem in my backyard. FOR MORE CRAFTING, CLICK on the carp.